Kanha encourages girls to study in the Construction Field :

Kanha encourages girls to study in the Construction Field

Kanha is pictured

Kanha has found her place at PSE and study to become who she is meant to be. We can only hope that more women will follow the same courageous path. 


My name is CHEU Kanha and I am 18. I am a student at PSE School of Construction. At the moment, I live in the Internat on the campus, but I come from Kandal Province. I used to live with my mother and my 7 siblings ; I am the youngest child !

In 2017, when I was studying in grade 9, I had to drop out of school because my family was in a bad financial situation. I started working in a factory to support my family as best as I could. In fact, all my siblings dropped out of school even before grade 9. One day, I heard about PSE and I convinced my mother to take me to the Centre and ask for help. I joined the Foundation Studies Division (FSD) in order to prepare for Vocational Training.



My choice to study at the School of Construction (SoC) was actually quite obvious to me. My mother also encouraged my choice, as she was not surprised at all! At home, I would always do what people considered "men's jobs", like fixing broken things or doing plumbing work. I wanted to use my hands and practice a lot during my studies. At the moment, I am very interested in electronic installations. When I think about the future, I see myself owning my own business, selling electronic supplies and advising customers. 

Today, I feel very lucky to study at PSE because the past few years have not been easy for me. When I started my first year at SoC, I had to lockdown due to the pandemic. I have not been able to take the online courses regularly because I decided to go back to work at the factory to support my family during the crisis. At the end of the year, my credits were not sufficient to access the second year. Fortunately, PSE gave me a second chance and I am currently repeating my first year.



To these girls who would like to study in the Construction field like I did I would like to say : ‘’never give up, and just listen to your desire’’. 11 girls are studying at SoC in 2022, and I am the only girl in my class. On the first day at school, I remember how afraid and uncomfortable I was. Eventually, I found my place along my classmates who treated me like everyone else. I am proud of myself because I made the right decision and I'm studying to become what I am determined to be.