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Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE) – For a Child’s Smile is a non-profit organization founded by Christian and Marie-France des Pallières, operating in Cambodia since 1995. Its mission is to help to help children escape from destitution and lead them to decent, skilled and well-paid jobs.

Recognized by the local authorities, PSE is working in respect of the country, with the Cambodians, and thus supports sustainable development.

Six main programs – adapted to the needs of the children – have been developed: food, health, protection, education & schooling, vocational training and help for families.

PSE helps more than 6,500 children and more than 5,500 graduates from PSE Vocational Training program already have successfully integrated the job market with a real qualified position. PSE employs more than 600 people in Cambodia (Phnom Penh mainly) and 5 staff at the headquarter in France. 300 volunteers in different countries are actively working on making the organization known, on fundraising donations and sponsorships.

In 2000, PSE received the French Human Rights Prize by the French Republic.

Lieu du poste:
Phnom Penh
Date de début:
Description du poste à pourvoir:

S/he will responsible in clinical psychology to provide counselling with students who have easily suffering with psychological problems in order to make them to be good in study and well being.


To help to set up and to support the devices of clinical follow-up of the students and their family.

  • To ensure consultation and assessment interviews in order to propose indications of treatment.
  • To set up and animate therapeutic groups: groups with artistic and/or cultural meditation, discussion groups…etc.
  • To join and supporting with team in primary  mental health care activities with teachers and students in PSE about healing games, expression activities and deveop game materials.

To work in relationship with the various internal/external services of PSE (pedagogical, social and other) and to support the work of these teams within the framework of their activity with the students and their family. 

  • To participate to the reflection concerning the care and multi-disciplinary follow-up of PSE’s students
  • To discuss and select the cases referred to the psychological service by the teams.
  • To support reflection about the problems faced by the teams concerning their work with some students.

Collaborate with any departments/services with managers and/or staff of PSE in order to develop the works and problems solving. 
NGOs, universities, organizations working in the field of psychology, students associations in psychology, professionals of psychology (foreign or Khmer) and others, to refer them for evaluations or specific follow up.

  • To training and supervision (Training and supervision between experts of psychology) 
  • To get actively involved in a training process with Khmer and expatriates psychologists, by contact other partner and supervisions between experts of psychology, for a  better understanding of the students problems, and to update of his/her knowledge in psychology in the following fields: 
    • Psychopathology of the child and the teenager. 
    • Practice of clinical counseling and therapeutic follow up through individual and group activities (art therapy, systemic therapy, psychodrama…). Practice of clinical evaluation and testing.  
  • Video conference with specialist in France.
  • Clinical peer supervision with the team.    

Administration Task

  • Prepare weekly, monthly report to manager.
  • Prepare quaterly report to manager.
  • Prepare semi and annual report for PSE.
  • Writing and keeping on couseling reports on well and safty.
  • Bachelor/ Master Degree of Psychology.
  • Three years and strong experiences in Psychology Field, Drug Prevention and Psychological Therapy.
  • Good command of written and spoken English. French is a plus.
  • Computer literate (E-mail, Outlook, Ms.Word, Excel, PowerPoint…).
  • Strong on Psychotherapy in group and individual.
  • On training and group awareness to students and staffs.
  • Good interpersonal communication skills and adaptive to a diverse team working environment.
  • Commitment to PSE’s vision, core values and code of conduct.
  • Policy compliance and protection of children.
  • Patience, adaptability and ability to cope with change process.
  • Ensuring timely, high quality results. Being a role model for continuous learning and improvement.
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