In Cambodia: united in solidarity with the children and their families :

In Cambodia: united in solidarity with the children and their families

The families supported by PSE, already vulnerable, are deeply impacted by the Covid-19 crisis.

Confronted by the risk of propagating the virus, schools in Cambodia have been closed since Monday 16th March, and will remain so until mid-April at the earliest. So, our centre is closed as well. The children and youngsters of PSE must stay with their families. Unfortunately, it is not possible to set up an on-line school since the majority of our families do not have the necessary equipment. Boarders, protected by PSE, and youngsters with disabilities from our Foyer Source de Vie are being taken care of by foster families or by members of their own families if we believe that is viable.

In Cambodia, the economy has been hugely impacted, for example the tourism sector. Our social team remains mobilised because our families, already so vulnerable, are hugely impacted by this crisis. Borders with neighbouring countries are closing, there are already shortages of some commodities and prices have shot up. Even the activities that our parents do to survive, and which bring them so little already, are stopping. This is why the social team has acted quickly to help those families in deep difficulty. Distribution of essentials has been organised directly to families; our social workers take care to respect the necessary health measures.

Today, faced with the uncertainty of how the situation will evolve, we are making sure we are ready to adapt our help in the coming days and weeks, according to needs and priorities, as well as our capabilities, so that the virus doesn't stop us helping the poor!