Eating in times of crisis :

Eating in times of crisis

Distribution de nourriture à PSE dans le cadre du plan d'aides d'urgence

The current crisis has had a strong impact on our families who are worried about not being able to eat adequately. We could really use your help! 

Providing food to children, a priority for PSE

When Christian and Marie-France des Pallières, the founders of PSE discovered the municipal dump of Phnom Penh where thousands of children lived and fed themselves, they decided to act in response to the children's own requests for: "one meal a day". Since then, PSE has overseen a nutrition programme to ensure that all the children cared for by the association can benefit from at least one meal per day. 

All those who work in the PSE canteen have only one objective: to guarantee the nutritional well-being of children and ensure that no one suffers from hunger. 

A child at PSE's canteen
Rice distribution to PSE's families

The risk of hunger is a threat of the current crisis

Since the start of the crisis, many parents have come to PSE for help because, with the loss of their income, they are worried that they will no longer be able to adequately provide food for their children. 

Indeed, since the closure of the PSE Centre, like all schools in Cambodia, children no longer benefit from a full meal per day. So, to make up for this loss and ensure that no child is hungry, PSE has set up emergency aid and, in particular, distributed rice and food care packages, containing non-perishable food to the poorest families. 

Together, let's help children and their families to not go hungry

We can act together on behalf of the poorest children in Cambodia and make sure that they do not go hungry. 

Your donation of $30 per month for four months will allow us to maintain assistance until the start of the school year - you will be providing food to a family of five in the coming months. 

Together, let's act to help the poorest!


So that the virus doesn’t hinder support for the poorest