Sreypov: from the streets to the podium :

Sreypov: from the streets to the podium

Sreypov lors de la remise des prix de la Lions of Fashion

Becoming a model? A dream come true for Sreypov who would have never believed in such a promising and atypical future when she first came to PSE.

When her parents separated, she was still very young, Sreypov was placed in an NGO for a year before she joined PSE with her three sisters in 2006. Because she wasn’t behind in her studies, Sreypov enrolled in grade 2 in a state school with PSE’s support for transportation, food and school support classes.

At 12 years old, Sreypov developed a passion for the fashion industry and dreamt of becoming a model. She trained on her own hoping to join the industry one day. “I became a model by practicing. First, I learnt to walk with heels, to be confident and not be shy, as well as presenting the clothes” recalls Sreypov. If these criteria seem essential to make the breakthrough, they were anything but natural for her. Confidence and self-esteem are not qualities you learn in the poor neighbourhoods of Phnom Penh.

The world of modelling makes people dream but it is as merciless in Asia as anywhere else. Few people manage to breakthrough in this industry where competition rages. Teachers at her school warned her against this risky world and hope to dissuade her but the the young woman was determined.

After lots of perseverance, Sreypov managed to stand out and entered the “Lions of Fashion” competition, which has opened many doors for her at the age of only 20. This competition, broadcast by the American channel ABC, lasts 6 months and more than 1,300 models and 130 designers participate. The new “Lion of Fashion” receives a modeling contract with Arise Modeling Agency as well as coverage in the famous Cambodian magazine Sovrin.

When Sreypov realised that she had made it to the final, the stress and excitement mounted, and the young girl began to believe. There were only 10 designers and 10 models left in the competition, and three tests to win the grail. One of them was to parade in professional attire, which meant a lot to the young woman: show that woman also have a place in the corporate world.

Unbelievable but true: Sreypov wins the competition, this was the beginning of success for the young woman! She became a model for the Cambodian magazine and has even realised the ultimate reward, participating on the catwalk during Paris Fashion Week in 2020, the conclusive achievement for any aspiring model. Discovering the famous fashion houses and the luxuries in the fashion capital is a dream for the girl who is the pride of her family and who is about to find herself far away from everything she has ever known.

"PSE has given me the best possible education and a lot of self-confidence. What PSE taught me is useful today for my competitions. PSE taught us that we have as much value as anyone else and thanks to that I am confident in front of others. I know my value” she declares.

Currently doing vocational training at PSE’s School of Media, her dream is to continue modeling and to represent her country by becoming Miss Cambodia.


Despite her exceptional development and success, Pov knows where she comes from and how she got here. She intends to continue helping the poorest, notably through PSE's activities, even when she finishes her studies. She also wants to help women who are victims of domestic violence, and to create a retirement home for the elderly.