Remedial schooling to rescue the education of poor children in Cambodia :

Remedial schooling to rescue the education of poor children in Cambodia

Pour un Sourire d'Enfant's remedial school promotes the education of children who are disadvantaged or have dropped out of school so they can obtain a skilled trade.

Child ragpickers in the city

Education of poor, disadvantaged children in Cambodia

In Cambodia, a significant proportion of youngsters are excluded from school, especially among the poorest in society. The Ministry of Education in Cambodia estimates that nearly 32,000 children (19.3% of the 165,000 children enrolled in primary school) are behind in their schooling for their age. Many come from disadvantaged families, start schooling at a late age or have to study in poor conditions, they often drop out of school to contribute to their family's income through unskilled, manual work.

Many of the children cared for by Pour un Sourire d'Enfant have never been to school or have fallen very far behind. They are unable to follow state school courses and often fail at school, frequently dropping out.

Remedial education, an effective accelerated teaching method

Since the beginning of its actions in Cambodia, Pour un Sourire d'Enfant has implemented an accelerated teaching method. This remedial education programme allows children to study the curriculum of two academic years in one year.Thus, in 4 years of schooling, they go from the first grade to fourth grade - third grade is taught as a traditional year.

This is a fundamental solution to enable children from the poorest backgrounds to escape poverty and to give them access to education.

A girl during a lesson at the Remedial School

Promoting the education of children through sponsorship

Sponsoring a child means supporting their education over the long term. It allows Pour un Sourire d'Enfant to commit to support the children until they complete their studies and then find a decent job that allows them to integrate into Cambodian society.

Your sponsorship has a concrete impact on the lives of thousands of poor children in Cambodia!

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