Our film school is filming with French director Kim Chapiron :

Our film school is filming with French director Kim Chapiron

Director Kim Chapiron with our film school students

The students took part in an ambitious project: making a music video under the direction of French director Kim Chapiron!

Our vocational training courses: priority to practical experience

Because our young people will only be able to find a job if they have the right skills, we have always been committed to offering them the best possible training for the poorest of the poor!

PSE's training schools are backed by major European references, and a great deal of emphasis is placed on practical training. The organisation of training courses is dedicated to the success of young people and has been developed pragmatically in line with the realities on the ground.

It was in this spirit that the PSE film school had the opportunity to take part in a large-scale project in collaboration with director Kim Chapiron, the KlapYaHandez label and Cambodian rapper Ruthko.

A unique experience for our students

Kim Chapiron, a well-known director in France and co-founder of the Kourtrajmé artists' collective, the KlapYaHandz label, which has already given our students work, and the Phantasm production company, produced the video clip for the Cambodian rapper Ruthko, with the participation of students from the film school.

This was a great opportunity for our young people to put into practice what we teach them, in real-life conditions; the music video industry being one of the high-potential outlets for students. 

"I'd never seen a project on this scale before! I really learnt a lot during this project, including how to produce a clip on a very small budget, techniques for keeping the audience's attention on a video, etc. I gained a lot of self-confidence, because I had responsibilities on the shoot, I had to be in the thick of things and make decisions quickly. What I remember is believing in our projects and continuing to do our utmost to achieve them, whatever the obstacles." Rithyja, 3rd year film school student.

Students and teachers from the film school brainstorming with director Kim Chapiron
A student filming on the set of Ruthko's music video

"It was great to apply our school knowledge to a real project of this scale. We learnt how to manage a project through preparation, planning, choosing locations and extras, as well as exchanging ideas and being creative! We're really lucky to be able to work on this type of project. I'm very happy and grateful for what the school is doing to enable us to have this kind of experience." Sokpich, 3rd year film school students.

"The music is called 'Stay the same'. Through the video, I wanted to get a message across to the younger generation: if you succeed, don't forget where you come from and stay humble. I'm proud of the work these young people put into the video. It's good that they get this kind of opportunity, because it helps them make contacts for later on and it gives them experience that will be recognised when they start working." Ruthko, rapper.

A student films the rapper Ruthko during the filming of his video
Rapper Ruthko on the set of his music video
Photo du groupe ayant participé au tournage du clip de Ruthko