Daro's potential, beyond poverty :

Daro's potential, beyond poverty

Daro, a brilliant former PSE pupil, gives a thumbs-up

PSE has been helping Daro's family since 2001. He went to school and turned out to be a brilliant pupil so the virtuous circle of support led him to success.

We're so proud of Daro's achievements! After several difficult years, this brilliant 19-year-old student won a scholarship to study at university, at the Cambodian Institute of Technology. In 2022, he obtained the exceptional score of 99.803 in his high school ddiploma, and was the only student in his high school to obtain first class honours. "When I saw my result, I was very proud, and even more so when I learned that it was one of the best results of all the schools in Cambodia! I come from a very poor family, so I had to work hard to get here. Throughout my schooling, my only objective was to go to university and make my family proud of me, so I concentrated all my efforts on my studies."

Daro's family first received support from PSE in 2001. At the time, Daro's father was working on building sites, but was forced to stop work because of his health. His wife was a housewife but also fell ill. The couple, with five children to support, had no income. For lack of money, they never went to school, and all their savings now go to pay for their parents' medical expenses. "We rented a small room in a remote part of Phnom Penh. I lived in this single room with my parents, my grandmother, my brother and my three sisters. We were always hungry. Because of the medicines we had to buy, my parents started borrowing money from lots of people, with a lot of interest to pay back". Like many of our beneficiaries at PSE, Daro's family got into serious debt. It was a neighbour who decided to tell a PSE social worker about their situation.

Daro, a brilliant former PSE student, reading

Since then, the family has remained in a precarious situation due to their debts, but they are doing much better. The three sisters attended the PSE remedial school, then vocational training courses, thanks to which they all obtained diplomas and subsequent employment. Daro received help to study at a state school up to high school, and then a merit-based grant for his higher education. PSE covered the parents' medical expenses and they also receive food aid. Together, they have moved into a house, and thanks to the salaries of the eldest children, the family can finally live in decent conditions.

The entrance to the Cambodian Institute of Technology

Daro, a bright student, can also pursue his dreams, between becoming a Data Scientist or working in Chemical and Food Engineering. Currently in his preparatory year, he is determined to succeed and has no shortage of ambition. "Next year, I'll be able to choose my speciality. I'm interested in data science because this is a fast-growing field in Cambodia. Maths, statistics and logic are everything I love! But I've just got a scholarship to study Chemical and Food Engineering for 5 years in Vietnam, so the choice isn't going to be easy! I find it exciting to study new ways of eating that are better for our health and the environment."

With his future ahead of him, Daro has not forgotten his years at PSE and remembers everything that contributed to his success at school. In particular, he recalls the support classes at PSE that he joined after his public school classes, as well as the many competitions in which he took part. He says proudly: "I even won an eloquence competition at PSE!" His fondest memories include the PSE camps: "During the holidays, we did lots of activities in the centre and played group games. I spoke with foreign counsellors, and that's how I improved my English."

We wish him all the best for the future!

A success made possible thanks to sponsorship

Since the beginning of their actions in Cambodia, Christian and Marie-France des Pallières, the founders of PSE, have chosen to rely on sponsorship to ensure the sustainability of the association's programmes. The commitment we make to the children is strong: we lead them from misery to a profession!

The comprehensive care we offer the children is long-term. We commit ourselves to the end and do not leave any child by the side of the road. 

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